Time Warp

New monthly bit here. Just a quick note catching up and looking ahead. A kind of regular check and balance to make sure things are moving in some direction that vaguely resembles “forward.”

Looking Back

OK, it’s been very quiet here. Mostly because the mundane world has kept me more than a little busy. There have been bursts of spiritual and “strange” activity, but they took place amidst a ton of other, more immediately pressing, concerns and never quite got written down. That’s going to change a little.

Looking Ahead

I’m going to try to get things back to at least once a week posting here. There are a lot of old open tabs that need to be followed up on (like a plethora of started but never finished series of discussions on everything from the path I follow to the end of the world) and a whole bunch of odd news bits that keep cropping up.

Starting next week, expect a return of “Metaphysical Mondays” here at The Searcher Journal.

But this isn’t all about me. If you’ve got questions you want answered or experiences to share, send them my way.

Thanks for walking this path with me, no matter how sporadically it’s been updated.

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