A Reintroduction

In life, it is always good to regularly take a long, hard, look at where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Regular re-evaluation of oneself is one of the common-sense keys to positive growth and self-knowledge.

Often, that leads to the realization of a bit of change. Other times it makes clear how much you’ve stagnated and really do need to push forward.

When you need to push forward, you need to re-connect with your foundation.

Since I’m embarking on a bit of a push forward, let’s look at some of my foundation.

Basic Beliefs

I try to keep the basics true to their classification. There’s no mythology here, just what I know deep down to be the way things work. This knowledge has been gained through feeling out my place in the world and through personal experience. I never expect others to buy in to these beliefs, but the form the core for everything that comes after. A handful listed here, in no particular order:

  • We are part of a greater whole, all interconnected in ways we can, at best, barely discern.
  • We are beings of duality and dichotomy: matter and energy, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness.
  • We have been here before and will be here again. Reincarnation, the Universe recycles.
  • Religion begins where Science ends, the two are not mutually exclusive and can fuel one another.
  • Blind faith is a dangerous thing. Belief (subjective) and Knowledge (objective) are both important components to a healthy whole.
  • Free will exists, but so does Fate. Both are optional. Opting out of one is easy, the other is not.

Personal Mythology

Through a number of methods, I have explored my own past lives. Through a bit of reading and research, I’ve explored a lot of classic stories. I’ve been living this life for a number of decades now. These things intersect in patterns that I choose to recognize as important. All of my personal mythology is based on the basic principles applied to a greater story that seeks to encompass more than just my own experience.

For me, the core of that mythology lies in the story of a group tentatively called The Crossers (would very much like a better sounding name, but that’s what I’ve got). The ideas are part gnosis and part synthesis.

I firmly believe that looking at our lives as a narrative can help us keep things in perspective and better appreciate both the highs and the lows.

The Path

Unlike many, I am not really dedicated to one particular path. My practices run the gamut from shamanic to Hermetic. I am dedicated to no master short of the Universe itself and myself. I am willing to take knowledge and wisdom where I can get it.

Basically, I poke badgers with sticks.

The closest I have seen described by others is The Way of the Fool. That’s from the wonderful book The Zelator by Mark Hedsel.

The Future

Now that I’ll be back to writing regularly here, I’m sure these will be expanded upon… or changed completely as I discover new things about myself and the world around me.


  1. I thought “the Fool” applied to everyone, though?

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