Harvest Moon

Harvest MoonIt is said, quite truly, that we reap what we sow.

But what grows in a field isn’t always what was planted there.

Seeds drift in from other places. Unexpected things pop up.

Sometimes, blight or animals get in and eat seeds and young plants. Not everything we thought was going to grow, does.

The same is true of our lives.

We plant a good deal of our own seeds. That gives us a tremendous amount of control over what we will reap when the harvest comes.

But everyone we meet also contributes their own seeds to the field of our lives–for good or ill.

Sometimes, experiences we have kill or stunt the growth of the things we expect to find full grown.

Both of these are reasons why we must constantly tend to our internal fields.

With vigilance, we will not be surprised by what others have contributed–and we can quickly pull up the detrimental weeds that some will try to make take root.

With determined care, we can ensure the most important seeds of our choice are sheltered from harsh conditions that will stunt their growth or predators that will destroy them.

Farming is a full time job in the outside world.

The same is true of our internal fields.

We reap what we sow… and, possibly, so much more.

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