Before Dawn

Tweet The Winter Solstice once again finds me looking back on the past months during the wee hours of the night. It just so happens that this late December, the world around me has been encased in a certain amount of snow and ice. Enough to disrupt pretty much everything in the region. I’ve actually […]

No Nightmare Because of Christmas

Tweet PC110022, originally uploaded by KierDuros. When Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas hit the screens, it very quickly became one of my all-time favorite holiday films. Mostly because it had my favorite holiday (Halloween, in case you can’t tell) blended in with the much more popular one. Mostly, but not entirely. The movie (if you […]

Metaphysical Monday: Groundhog Day

Tweet Today (or yesterday, depending on who you ask or how you want to measure days) is Imbolc, the mid-winter holiday of the general Pagan calendar. While not technically the darkest of the dark days of winter, for those of us in the non-tropical regions of the northern hemisphere, it sure does kick of what […]


Tweet Just before the world curls up and plays dead for the winter, it lets out one last burst of life in the form of vivid colors and crisp scents. The turning point of that last burst usually falls at the end of October (for those of us in the Northern latitudes) and traditionally marks […]