Spinning Up, Getting Back on Track

Like many things, this blog kind of fell by the wayside over the past year or so.

I’ve been more concerned with more immediate needs–like paying the bills, staying employed, and, somewhere in there, moving.

When life gets crazy, it’s far too often our personal development and spiritual questing that falls by the wayside first. You know, the things we need to do the most to ensure long-term success and growth and happiness.

The good news is, I was in a good and solid enough place with my normal habits that the stagnation of the drive to know more about myself and my place in the Universe didn’t lead me to a whole lot of backsliding.

People came into my life who needed some direction and I was just far enough ahead on a similar path that I could show them how to clear some of the brush off of theirs so they could see it a little more clearly.

And that very quickly reminded me that I’d been standing in the same place so long that theĀ briersĀ and ferns were growing up around me.

So now I’ve got the metaphorical machete out and I’m hacking my way through the jungle of life again. Little by little clearing out the things that are getting in my way.

Part of that is getting this blog spun up again. The theme has been polished up, it’s been hooked into a new Twitter account (so follow me, if you will!), and there are plans in the works to produce a bit of content that I hope others will find useful.

More importantly, by doing all that I’m being more true to myself. Setting up some new accountability and giving myself a real reason to keep digging into who I am and what I should be doing in this world.

If you’re new here: Welcome! I’m sure we have a lot we can learn from one another.

If you’re noticing this suddenly popping up in one of your feeds after a long absence: Hi! How’ve you been? Hope you once again find useful stuff here.

And with that… it’s time to get moving.

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