Long Time Silent

Tweet Yes, it’s been a bit quiet here for a long time. But the winds are changing, the wheel turning, and I hope to be back on track shortly with all of this. I’ve been living in “interesting” times. Look for some reviews and writings in the next week or two.  

Time Warp

Tweet New monthly bit here. Just a quick note catching up and looking ahead. A kind of regular check and balance to make sure things are moving in some direction that vaguely resembles “forward.” Looking Back OK, it’s been very quiet here. Mostly because the mundane world has kept me more than a little busy. […]

And on another note entirely…

Tweet I fiddled around a bit with some stuff on The Searcher Journal site. There’s a new template in place (mostly stock with some little modifications by me) and a brand-spanking new header image (bonus points to anyone who can identify it). If you normally read this through a feed (like LiveJournal), take a minute […]